National Open University of Nigeria Accredited Course – List of NOUN Accredited and Registrable Courses 2019

This post is made, to inform all prospective NOUN candidates and applicants, of the more recently NOUN Accredited courses and programmes for 2019. Here, i will be listing out, all courses approved and accredited in the National Open University of Nigeria by the National University Commission (NUC), which student can register and study for the 2019/20 academic session.

The major reason why I am publishing this list of all NOUN accredited courses for 2019, is because of the negative articles and opposition the institution has received in recent years, from the public and other Nigerian Varsities bodies as well. I will be sharing with you, the noun courses and requirement.

Important: NOUN Admission Registration and Application Form For 2019/2020 is Out

Good News!

Our heart is filled with gratitude, am happy to inform all nursing aspirants, that the National Universities Commission (nuc) has granted the National Open University of Nigeria – NOUN Nursing science program Interim accreditation, which means that all aspiring nursing students, can now study nursing in NOUN and get the same results/treatment as other nurses who graduated from other Universities in Nigeria.

You can also checkout the portal for more student information on accessing their dashboard.

National Open University of Nigeria Accredited Course


1 Cooperative Management Full
2 Entrepreneurship and Business Management Full
3 Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Full
4 Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Full
1 Hotel and Catering Management Full
1 Christian Theology Full
2 English Language Full
3 French and International Relations Full
4 Islamic Studies Full
1 Nursing Science Interim
2 Public Health Science Full


1 Agricultural Science Education Full
2 Biology Education Full
3 Business Education Full
4 Chemistry Education Full
5 Computer Science Education Full
6 Early Childhood Education Full
7 English Education Full
8 French Education Full
9 Integrated Science Full
10 Mathematics Education Full
11 Physics Education Full
12 Primary Education Full
1 Law Interim
1 Computer Science Full
2 Communication   Technology Full
3 Environmental Science and Resources Management Full
4 Mathematics Full
5 Mathematics/Computer  Science Full
6 Data Management Interim
1 Criminology and Security Studies Interim
2 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Interim
3 Tourism Studies Interim

Noun Courses and Requirement

I will be listing out, the list of all NOUN courses and their requirements, programme codes here, so you can easily know which programme is accredited and how to register for it.

Noun Courses and Fees

The Noun courses and fee, means the fee for payment of courses and programmes which you registered for, in the academic session. This is an entire article altogether, so here is the details and full information you need to know.
Here is the NOUN Courses and Fees for 2019

Noun Courses Download

I will be sharing with you, the link to download the courses, and this will be embedded in a PDF file format. So your computer, Laptop or Mobile phone, can be able to read PDF files, before you can access the noun courses.

Noun Registrable Courses 2019


i. Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies 2201
b) B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2202
c) B.Sc. Mass Communication 2204
d) B.A. English 2205
e) B.A French and International Relations 2206
f) B.A Christian Theology 2207
g) B.A Islamic Studies 2208
h) B.Sc. Political Science 2211
i) B.Sc. Economics 2212
  1. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Criminology and Security Studies 2301
b) Journalism and Mass Communication 2302
c) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2303
d) Christian Theology 2305

Masters Degree Programmes

a) Sc. Mass Communication 2401
a) Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2402

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 4301
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE) 4302

iii.      Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Programmes

a) Educational Administration and Planning 4401
b) Educational Administration and Planning Science Education 4402
c) Educational Technology 4403

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes (By Research)

English (Language/ Literature)    2505


Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
a) B. Agric. Agricultural Economics and Agro Business 4203
b) B. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 4204
c) B. Agric. Animal Science 4205
d) B. Agric. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 4206
e) B. Agric. Soil and Land Resources Management 7205
h) B. Agric. Crop Production and protection Sciences 7206

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programme

PGD Agricultural Extension and Management      5301/7301

Science Education

a) B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science 4201
b) B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology 4202
c) B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry 4203
d) B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science 4204
e) B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science 4205
f) B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics 4206
g) B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics 4207
h) B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education 4212

Master of Science Business Administration

a) Master of Science Business Administration 3416

Arts & Humanities Education

S/N Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.A (Ed.) Early Childhood Education 4208
b) B.A (Ed.) English 4209
c) B.A (Ed.) French 4210
d) B.A (Ed.) Primary Education 2411

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme (By Course Work and Research)

Programmes Programme Codes
a) Educational Administration 4501
b) Educational Planning 4502
c) Educational Technology 4503


Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
B.Sc. Computer Science 5202
B.Sc. Communication Technology 5203
B.Sc. Data Management 5204
B.Sc. Environmental Science & Resource Management 5205
B.Sc. Mathematics 5208
B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer 5209
B.Sc. Chemistry 5212
B.Sc. Biology 5213
B.Sc. Physics 5214
B.Sc. Financial Mathematics 5215

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Digital Communications 5302
b) Mobile Communications Technology (Wireless) 5304
c) Information Technology 5305

Masters Degree Programme

a) Information Technology (with Internet Options) 5401


Undergraduate Programme Programme Codes
a) B.Sc. Community Health 5211/8201
b) B.Sc. Dental Technology 8202
c) B.Sc. Environmental Health 8203
d) Mathematics Education 4504
e) Science Education 4505

Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management 5303/8301
i) Undergraduate programme Programme Code
a) LLB (Law) Degree programme 6201

NOUN Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) Legislative Drafting 6301


i Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
b) B.Sc. Cooperatives Management 3201
c) B.Sc. Entrepreneurship 3204
d) B.Sc. Accounting (in Collaboration with ICAN) 3205
e) B.Sc. Hospitality Management 3206

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Financial Management 3309
b) Public Administration 3311
c) Business Administration 3313

NOUN Management Science Masters Degree Programmes

a) Master of Public Administration (MPA) 3411
b) Master of Business Administration (MBA) 3413
c) Master of Science Public Sector Management 3414
d) Master of Science Public Administration 3415


Certificate Programmes

i. Proficiency Certificate Programmes
  1. Programme Code
a) Call Centre Skills 0004
b) Mobile Phone Repair 0005

 University (Academic) Certificate Programmes

a) Computer Literacy 1004
b) Dental Office Practice 1017
c) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1022
d) Christian Theology 1023
e) French 1024
f) Hotel and Catering Management 1025

Diploma Programmes

a) Business Communication 1201
b) Entrepreneurship 1205
c) Financial Management 1206
d) Marketing 1207
e) Medical Office Practice 1208
f) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1218

Yes, you’ve officially got it, below is the list of all courses and programmes accredited and approved by the National Open University of Nigeria.

Keep on checking back here on,

since we will be adding more courses approved and accredited by NUC, which is available for registration.

National Open University of Nigeria Courses Materials

The course material downloads will be shared here too. Don’t worry, as we are currently compiling the list.

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